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The Location of Our Rental Houseboat

Our houseboat is located centrally in the Jordaan, this is the arc-shaped district in Amsterdam wrapped around the western half of the Canal Circles. This area is bordered by the Lijnbaansgracht canal to the west, the Prinsengracht to the east, the Brouwersgracht to the north and the Leidsegracht to the south. Its name Jordaan is a ‘bastardised’ version of the French word jardin, meaning garden, and many streets are named after plants and flowers.  Click here for an online map.

We are located perfectly on the Prinsengracht Canal, this is a slow paced ten minutes walk to the central station of Amsterdam that has a high speed connection to the airport.  When you rent our houseboat for a few days or a week you will only ever be a few minutes walk from all of the major sites of the city. jordaan-map

The Jordaan was built in large expansion of the city in 1612 as a district for to accommodate Amsterdam’s craftsmen, trader-man, and artists. The district soon became home to more families than it could realistically handle. The houses were small and tightly packed, and the area was overcrowded due to rapidly increase of population. After World war II, a large modernization was started. By then the district was discovered by a new generation occupants: artists, students, young entrepreneurs. Partly by these new inhabitants, once a district for the working class and emigrants now has changed to a more expensive, upmarket neighborhood of shops and cafes, and numerous boutique restaurants and pubs.

For history-lovers visiting Jordaan, Amsterdam museums provide another intriguing side to the district. These include the Pianola Museum, the Theo Thijssen literature museum, the houseboat museum and the fluorescent museum called Electric Lady Land. Meanwhile, on the border of Jordaan sits the Anne Frank House. For lovers of modern art in particular, the numerous studios and art galleries in Jordaan district provide endless examples of contemporary Dutch work.

In the Jordaan, there are plenty of sights worth seeing. Located at the border of Jordaan, Westerkerk has the tallest church tower in Amsterdam at 85m (279ft). The Nooderkerk was built for poor settlers in Jordaan, and you will also find some memorials and statues there. The square that surrounds Nooderkerk has been a market site since 1627. Known for the most splendid houses, the quiet Bloemgracht canal was once a centre for makers of paint and dye. The beautifully Egelantiersgracht is a charming tree-lined Jordaan canal overlooked by an interesting mixture of old and new architecture.

Amsterdam is a great city to explore on foot and Jordaan is no exception. You can take a simple stroll through the streets in Jordaan to experience Amsterdam's most beautiful and residential storied neighborhood.


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If you are searching for the perfect exclusive houseboat to rent in Amsterdam you are on the right website, our houseboat has been designed by an award winning dutch designer and is located in the very centre of Amsterdam City.  We offer short and long term rental for couples and singles in a houseboat like no other available on the Canals of Holland.